Visa-free regime for business purposes to be prolonged?


Visa-free regime for business purposes to be prolonged?

What needs to be done for developing incoming tourism in Belarus, has been discussed during the talk show “What’s going on?” on Stolichnoe Televidenie channel.

Anatoly Akantinov, director of “Mice in Minsk” project, territorial marketing and image expert:
There is a question of foreigners visiting expositions. When they come to Belarus to take part in them. As a rule, the exhibition lasts for 3-4 days, but a foreigner wants to see other things in Belarus, but he has no time. A minimum of 7-8 days is needed. So, if we want to develop business tourism, we need to consider this issue.

Yegor Khrustalev, TV host:
You mean 5 days…

Anatoly Akantinov:
It is enough to visit Belarus during a weekend. But who is the target audience? Is it a businessman? Or just a student? Who? Tourists from which countries earn us money? The USA? Germany or China? These are completely different tourists.