Belarus into top 20 weapon sellers: What is there to show?

Belarus into top 20 weapon sellers: What is there to show?

Belarus defense industry has been showing great results over the last years. In an incredibly short period of time Belarussian specialists have developed a whole new branch of the military industrial sector, namely rocket and missile engineering. The value of national defense industry export amounted to more than $1 billion.

Currently Belarus is among 20 world's major producers and exporters of weapons.

Yury Samul, the head of the department of data processing and mathematical modeling of KB Radar, managing company of Radar Systems holding:
There are strategic aircrafts, strike aircrafts, fighter aviation. The targets may be air-balloons and ballistic weapons.

This is a unique complex. There are similar complexes in other countries but those radar stations are deployed manually by 10-15 men and it takes several hours to do it. Setup time of the Belarussian radar station ‘Vostok’ is 6-8 minutes. The whole process is automatically controlled.

The radar’s working distance is 350 kilometers. In 2018, specialists plan to increase the radar coverage up to 500 kilometers. Three radar stations can cover the whole territory of Belarus. The price of these three prototypes is equivalent to a Belarussian Geely ATLAS.

Yury Samul:
The channel can perfectly detect a target designed with the stealth technology. Taking adequate measures against VHF-band electromagnetic emanation is impossible. The system easily identifies cruise missiles.

This radio station has its disadvantage. It cannot detect low targets.

The radio station allows seeing everything.

‘Groza’ can knock out of action any unmanned aircraft or even a satellite. Such technique is known as spoofing. Only four countries apply this technique.

These hands hold the keys to everything. Although the specialists claim that they don’t have them, they just manufacture them. Air force and air defense have these keys.

Anatoliy Kosteev, vice director of foreign economic activities of KB Radar, managing company of Radar Systems holding:
These are the means of deterrence which create a single radiation field in the territory of Belarus allow providing information for air defense facilities for further work.

Radio ranging and electromagnetic warfare are the key elements of Belarussian defense industry. Scientific school of air defense system design was formed way back in the USSR. Belarussian Military Academy moved to a new level.

One more positive thing about this smart weapon of Belarussian defense industry is the control system which ranges from command post vehicles and robot soldiers to software for the General Staff.

Igor Bykov, vice director, OJSC AGAT – Control Systems:
We need to accomplish a task and to guarantee the security of people. To do that robotic arms are used to go on a scouting mission and to perform some action which is supposed to be done by a human hand.

At the present day Belarus is known not only for BelAZ and tractors but also for its radar control system.

Moreover, engineering has aided defense industry development. Radar stations and a well-known ‘Polonez’ which is based on MZKT chassis. In 2017 export brought much more profit.

Oleg Dvigalev, chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
According to international agencies, Belarus is among 20 world's major producers and exporters of weapons.

The list of countries of export is expanding. In 2017, export revenue increased by 15 %. Advanced armaments of Belarus won recognition of almost 70 countries.

This industry has a high risk of industrial espionage. Microcircuits are not the main target; the most important is what data is put in there. It’s impossible to steal or copy software. Belarussian specialists have a task to design fully Belarussian missiles and to modernize air defense system ‘Buk’ and ‘Polonez’. ‘Polonez’ has already got into CSTO short-list of defense orders.

Stanislav Zas, state secretary of Security Council of Belarus:
Missile complexes came out really good in quality. Currently we are on the second stage which is aimed at the increase of missile localization. All the complexes are Belarussian but some of the missiles are not made here. Now our priority is to design fully Belarussian missiles.

Rocket and missile engineering is a new orientation for Belarussian defense industry. One example of great achievements of Belarus is reconnaissance and fire unit. All the information is on soldiers and chief’s tablet. There’s enough ammunition for three days. Such weapons are required to resolve ongoing conflicts. Even the Pentagon has ordered such armament.