Igor Lutsky appointed director general of Stolichnoe Televidenie

Igor Lutsky appointed director general of Stolichnoe Televidenie

On February 6, the President of Belarus adopted personnel decisions that concern some leading national mass media.

The head of state gave his consent to the appointment of Igor Lutsky as director general of the television channel STV. New directors of Belteleradiocompany and the newspaper "SB. Belarus today" have been appointed too. They will be headed by Ivan Eismont and Dmitry Zhuk, respectively.

Alexander Lukashenko underscored that former leaders are very worthy, therefore, in no case can they be lost. The country needs experienced people: managers and journalists.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The leaders, whom you replacing, are very worthy people - Davydko, Yakubovich, Koziyatko, and many others. Those people are worthy, and therefore they cannot be lost. Gennady Davydko's appointment as head of Belaya Rus is a step in the right direction... They have enough membership fees in order to support themselves and conduct large charitable work. This is a worthy Belarusian, who has developed himself for 20 years of our independence. Therefore, Gennady Davydko, probably, determined his way in the right direction.

As for Pavel Yakubovich, of course, we should not lose him, either. He has a big piece of work. And this work needs to be strengthened. This is something akin to control over law enforcement agencies. Fortunately, this was not me who initiated this public council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This was police who did it. Well done. But, I think, the powers and functions of this public council should be made wider. Perhaps, we maybe even need to strengthen this council. Probably, we should add people there. This should be a public council with control functions shared between the public and law enforcement agencies, with control functions for law enforcement agencies, maybe.

As for Davydko, I think his status should be improved. And we should consider the matter and make a proposal to include him in the Council of the Republic as a senator. This will strengthen his position. I do not exclude that Pavel Yakubovich will be able to work there. We really need experienced people.

As for Yuri Koziyatko, he was member of the Council of the Republic, and his experience is also decent. The main thing is that they are reliable people - all three, including Koziyatko, especially since Koziyatko is, as far as I remember, a military man. This is also important, because people who once wore shoulder straps are good, decent and strong people. We sometimes lack these people. So we have to think about where Koziyatko will work - he is still a young man. He could do a lot more in his life.

After the appointment the new heads of media shared their impressions with the press, including the director general of Stolichnoe Televidenie.

Igor Lutsky, director general of ZAO Stolichnoe Televidenie: 
The share of Belarusian programs should increase. But it is important to have new faces and new content. The President also said that it's people who should be behind all transformations. It is very important that the role of man in the country's development be shown through mass media. Business is important, but everyone should understand that, first of all, the man of labor is the main hero of television programs and print media.