Chinese on trial in Belarus for fraud and attempt to bribe

Chinese on trial in Belarus for fraud and attempt to bribe


The Zavodskoy District Court began considering a criminal case against a Chinese citizen who is accused of fraud and attempted bribery, Sputnik reports.

The Chinese citizen was detained in Minsk in April 2017, he was charged under several articles of the Belarus Criminal Code.

Chinese citizen Wang Jun has a residence permit in Belarus, he is a native of Henan (China), married, has a five-year-old son and has not been tried before.

At the request of the accused a few days before the trial, he was given an interpreter - an employee of one of the Minsk firms, which specializes in translations from foreign languages. The translator has a higher special education, the first language of translation is Chinese, the second is English.

Despite the fact that the interpreter was invited to court, the accused communicated with the judge and answered questions in Russian.

Answering questions of the judge, the accused clarified that before the arrest he worked as a translator in a commercial firm.

The judge said that the materials of the case indicate that he is unemployed, to which Wang Jun replied that "a contract of employment was signed, but I was not given a copy of it in Smolevichi."

The spouse of the accused, a citizen of Belarus was also present in the courtroom.

The citizen of China, who has been living in Belarus for a long time, is accused of the fact that, being an official who has the right to enter into economic agreements, he fraudulently seized other people's money in the amount of $5,800.

In addition, he was charged with attempt to seize $15,500, but did not bring his criminal intent to the end, because he was detained by police after receiving part of the money.