Expert: Brest and Grodno visa-free potential should be united


Expert: Brest and Grodno visa-free potential should be united

What needs to be done to develop inbound tourism in Belarus? This matter was discussed during the talk show "What Is Going On?"

In addition to the 5-day visa-free regime, from January 1, 2018, the presidential decree extended the period of visa-free stay of foreigners in the Grodno and Brest regions to 10 days.

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Moreover, the number of checkpoints has been increased there and the territory for possible stay has been expanded.

Earlier tourists could visit the Augustow canal without visas for 5 days and Belovezhskaya Pushcha within 3 days.

Filipp Gulyi, Chairman of the Board of the Republican Union of Tourism Industry:
It is very important that sooner or later the Brest and Grodno possibilities of visa-free travel are united in a single route...

Egor Khrustalyov, host:
This was your initiative, wasn't it?  

Philip Gouly:
No, this is the initiative of the Department of Sport and Tourism. We support this initiative, but the ministry is the main initiator and thank them very much for that. As soon as this happens, not only will Belarus see a significant growth of tourist flows from the Baltic States, Poland and Eastern Europe, but we will also be able to seriously enter the Scandinavian markets. Secondly, Belarus very much hopes and expects that sooner or later the issue with the border with Russia will be solved, since many tourists from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, India and other far-off markets want to come to Belarus for 5 days. But they don't want to see only Belarus. They want to come by plane, and cross the border to the west and east.