Belarus' traffic police using drone to monitor violations

Belarus' traffic police using drone to monitor violations

Photo: Traffic police of Grodno region

Belarus' traffic police is looking for new forms and methods of work. As an experiment last week, traffic police officers using modern technologies on the streets of Grodno monitored how drivers gave way to pedestrians.

A drone with a camera was raised in the air. The video from this camera was viewed online by traffic police officers who transmitted information about the violator to the nearest unit by radio.

"In an interview with the inspector, violators continually claimed that the distance to the pedestrian was significant and allegedly there was no violation. However, seeing their car on the video, their arguments ended immediately," the inspectors said.

Another type of observation is when the camera was installed near the pedestrian crossing and was there in a stationary state, recording everything that was happening. After a pedestrian was not given way, the traffic police intervened. "We saw surprise on the face of every violator after they watched the video," the traffic police said.

"This method of control has proved its effectiveness, so it will continue to be used," the traffic police of the Grodno region stressed. "Police groups will be located near the most dangerous and busy pedestrian crossings. Under the Belarusian laws, if a pedestrian is not given way at the pedestrian crossing the driver is subject to administrative liability in the form of a warning or a fine in the amount of 1 to 5 base units (about $13-65). For a repeated violation during one year a driver can be fined 2 to 8 base units."