Belarus drafting law on personal data as cyber crimes on the rise

Belarus drafting law on personal data as cyber crimes on the rise

How to protect the rights of citizens in the digital space? This topic was discussed in Minsk February 5.

The concept of a draft law on personal data is ready in Belarus and the development of the document begins. It will regulate the rights of citizens and organizations that own some personal information.

About 100 countries have similar laws.

The norms contained in them allow more successfully and effectively defending the interests of users in the network. According to law enforcement agencies, the number of crimes committed using high technology has increased by a quarter. The number of cases of fraud and extortion in the network is growing too.

Vadim Ipatov, Director of the National Center for Legislation and Legal Studies of the Republic of Belarus:
The system of legislation in the sphere of information security is already built, and we are talking about its improvement today. The main thing is to promptly make changes to the legislation so that it is really modern and gives us all the rules of the game in this market. The most important thing is to determine what relates to personal data, how to collect it, how to store and how to distribute.

According to statistics, only about 20% of people who become victims of Internet scammers seek help from police. Among the reasons, according to experts, is low legal literacy of citizens.