South Korea ambassador to Belarus on visas, crypto-currency and 2018 Olympics


South Korea ambassador to Belarus on visas, crypto-currency and 2018 Olympics

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of Belarus Kim Yong Ho has given an interview to the TV program Week on the CTV Channel.

Great efforts being made to cancel visas between Korea and Belarus

What are the prospects for Belarus and South Korea in the creation of a visa-free regime? After all, negotiations have been going on for a long time.

Kim Yong Ho, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Belarus:
Great efforts are being made to resolve the question of the abolition of visas between Korea and Belarus. This year, the visit of Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei to our country is planned. As part of the negotiations, we would like to conclude an agreement on visa-free travels. I think that in the near future we will be able to implement our plans. This would be a good foundation for the development of our relations in all spheres.

South Korea, DPRK begin joint training

In my opinion, the uniqueness of the upcoming Olympics is that South Korea invited the DPRK to perform at the opening under the same flag. In my opinion, this is quite a landmark moment. Can we talk about a breakthrough in relations between North and South Korea?

Kim Yong Ho:
Yes, indeed we started joint training. Our skiers were already training at the training base in North Korea. At the moment, athletes from both countries are based in South Korea. We still organized a joint ice hockey team.

Belarus may become a country with the most advanced technologies

Belarus recently relied on the development of digital economy.How would you rate our efforts in this direction?

Kim Yong Ho:
I would like to note that President Alexander Lukashenko made a wise choice having set a goal to create an IT country from Belarus .This means moving into the field of high technology. Belarus has already made great strides here, but your potential is much greater. So this is just the beginning.

The Republic of Korea developed this direction relying on highly qualified personnel, and our expectations were justified. I think, in a very short period Belarus may become one of the advanced countries that own and develop the most advanced technologies. This is not good that not all countries are well acquainted with the opportunities of Belarus. It is necessary to work in this direction.

Cryptocurrency today is a hot topic around the world

Media write that South Korea is one of the leaders in crypto-currencies and mining. Mr. Ambassador do you somehow feel at home that these processes are really expanding very rapidly?

Kim Yong Ho:
Crypto currency today is a hot topic for the whole world. There is not just a broad, but perhaps even an excessive interest in this sphere in the Republic of Korea. Investments of our citizens in these projects are very large. Therefore, the impact of the crypto-currency on the economy can be very strong.

The Korean government is cautious in this matter. Nevertheless, we intend to develop the technology of blockchain. While there is no unified opinion on the functionality of currencies in the world, our state closely monitors and analyzes the situation in this market in the search for ways to create, on the one hand, the natural conditions for the development of crypto-currencies, and on the other hand mechanisms for their regulation.

How many athletes does South Korea expect for Olympics 2018?

The Belarusian delegation in the Olympic Village has already noted that they like the conditions much more than, say, in Rio de Janeiro. In general, how thoroughly did South Korea approach this issue? How many guests are expected? Perhaps, you can name some unique aspects connected with staying in South Korea during the Olympics...

Kim Yong Ho:
A total of 2,900 athletes from 92 countries are expected to participate. 250 already settled in the Olympic Village. In total, we are waiting for about 400,000 guests from all over the world until March 18, when the Paralympic Games will end. There will be Hospitality Week, at which we will show the most advanced technologies in mobile communications and television.

In addition, Korean popular music - K-pop - is now gaining popularity all over the world. And we are going to unite this genre with the Olympic Games - there will be a series of concerts of Korean performers.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Belarusian athletes the best results at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.