Belarus-made UNICORN 3D tops AppStore's free apps list

Belarus-made UNICORN 3D tops AppStore's free apps list

Belarusian UNICORN 3D is an application where you paint with the help of numbers. The application hit the first line of the rating of free App Store games in several countries: the USA, Russia, Sweden and Belarus.

The publisher of the game, according to TUT.BY, is AppsYouLove, owned by the English company MODERNO DESIGN LP, created by the Belarusians Igor Stukanov and Dmitry Karnei.

Yesterday, on February 4, the game took first place in the American App Store in the "free games" category and second in the general rating of free applications, between YouTube and Instagram.

In Russia the app took first and eighth line, respectively. Ahead of a most popular social network in Russia VKontakte. In Belarus, Unicorn 3D is located in the first position among free games and on 9th place among all other top free programs. In Italy, Bulgaria and Ukraine, UNICORN 3D was among the top three most popular free games.

UNICORN 3D is a three-dimensional painting app in which you have to use numbers to paint things. The player is offered colorless three-dimensional pixel figures. Each square has a number corresponding to its color. During the game you need to paint the figures according to the prepared scheme.

The game is free, but you can pay for full access. Then there will be more pictures inside the application and there will be no advertising. The price for the full version is $9.99 a week.