Belarus President expects scientific discoveries 'on the verge of impossible'

Belarus President expects scientific discoveries 'on the verge of impossible'

Belarus took the first step towards building an intellectual economy, said President Alexander Lukashenko on February 2 presenting scientific diplomas as well as doctor of science and professor certificates to members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Among the invited are those whose hands and intellect are building the new reality of Belarus. More than 40 people are invited to the Palace of Independence. They are representatives of absolutely all directions: from biology, chemistry, physics and medicine to agriculture and humanities.

Honored titles were accepted by well-known scientists such as Oleg Rummo, Alexander Beletsky and Igor Marzalyuk and also promising scientists. For example, the youngest doctor of chemical disciplines Andrei Ivanetsky.

The President stressed that much has been done in the country for the development of the scientific thought. Suggestions of scientists were heard, important legislative acts were adopted, and therefore the state has the right to expect from science discoveries on the verge of the impossible.

 «Мы вправе ждать от вас открытий на грани невозможного»

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The main wealth of Belarus is its people, you know it as well as I do. We are rightfully proud of our scientific elite. It consists of the most intelligent hardworking specialists. The title of Doctor of Science, Professor, Corresponding Member, Academician is not only a tribute to your merits, but also a great credit of trust. We have the right to expect from you discoveries on the verge of the impossible. This is the meaning of science. From this moment you begin to live in a new professional reality. And it means not only to work but to always correspond to this high rank.

You have achieved a lot, probably everything in your life, but this does not mean that you should stop, because more importantly you should leave a trace in the form of your students. If this happens, consider your mission in this world accomplished. The results of your work should be applied in practice, serve for the good of people and the country even after you.

It's symbolic that the academic titles were given in the Year of Science. The head of state stressed the main thing is to create conditions under which the development will be quickly implemented in the real sector of the Belarus economy. One of the key conditions for the successful development of innovations in the industrial sphere is the creation of new technologies. Emphasis should be made on those industries that directly affect the level and quality of life of people.