Belarusian returns from 7-year captivity in Libya

Belarusian returns from 7-year captivity in Libya

A Belarusian who spent almost seven years in Libyan captivity has returned to his homeland.

Vyacheslav Kachura flew to Minsk in the morning flight from Moscow. In August 2011, our compatriot and his comrades were detained by one of the so-called revolutionary brigades. All these years, diplomats have been working to free the Belarusian, but managed to do that only now.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, journalists, as well as family met Vyacheslav Kachura at National Airport Minsk. In particular, son Mikhail and daughter Elena with her spouse met the man.

Lev Dengov, head of the contact group for Libya under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the State Duma, assistant to the head of the Chechen Republic:
Finally, thank God, this difficult operation ended. Vyacheslav and I only recently sat and talked about this possibility, God give him freedom. This talk was back in Tripoli. This all happened thanks to the efforts of Ramzan Kadyrov, first of all, and the efforts of the contact group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. I would like to especially note the well-coordinated work of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus, which carried out their work very qualitatively.

Vyacheslav Kachura:
I am very glad to meet with my relatives. First of all, I must restore my documents and then go see doctors. Maybe I will rest somewhere.

Mikhail Kachura, son:
We are extremely happy that father finally returned! We express our enormous gratitude to the group that released him. This was coordinated work of both the State Security Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A huge thanks to them. God give them all health!

As noted by representatives of the foreign ministry, the release of Vyacheslav Kachura was made possible through the purposeful work and assistance of friends of Belarus from many countries.

Alexander Lukashevich, Deputy Chief of the Main Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus:
The Belarusian Foreign Ministry expresses its gratitude to our partners who helped resolve all issues related to the release and return of our citizen to his homeland.

Vyacheslav Kachura was the last among the Belarusian citizens forcibly kept in Libya.

In late December, two other Belarusians were released from captivity in Libya.