Belarus mastering Norwegian plant growing technology

Belarus mastering Norwegian plant growing technology

The first ever biofactory where foundation stocks with closed root systems will be grown is to be opened in Belarus in spring 2018.

All the necessary conditions for growing different plants will be created in the complex in Ivatsevichi. All in all, it will be possible to grow 7 million kinds of plants annually there.

This technology has many advantages: foundation stocks have a high survival level and they do not need to be looked after much. Another plus is that it is possible to they can be planted from autumn till spring, and not during a couple of weeks as it used to be before.

Mikhail Amelyanovich, Forestry Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
This new technology will allow reducing the costs on taking care of forest plants. As many as 30% of forests next year we are planning to create with such planting material. With a closed root system. At the moment we are not planning to export these foundation stocks. However, if they will be in demand, we are ready to sell the plants to Russia.

The project is financed by the World Bank. In two years’ time modern complexes will appear in all regions of Belarus. Such factories are rather successful in Finland and Sweden.