Tourists about Belarus Guest Card


Tourists about Belarus Guest Card

More than a year there has been a visa-free regime for tourists from 80 countries who arrive at the National Airport, which means they begin their acquaintance with Belarus from the capital Minsk.

In many large cities of the world, there are programs when tourists are offered special "Guest cards". With their help you can visit museums, theaters and restaurants with significant discounts and there is mutual benefit. Now such cards are offered to the guests of Minsk.

Valentine and Juliette, tourists (France):
When I opened the door, even the handle was in the opposite direction. Everything is upside down, even clothes and shoes on the ceiling.

Yes, it's the opposite, and this changes perception. Coordination is impaired. You do not understand where you are anymore!

An unusual house appeared on the tourist map just a couple of years ago. Only the most persistent people decide to step over the threshold of this house, while stepping on the ceiling. Feelings are like in space. The head is spinning and knees are shaking. Hundreds of tourists come to see the strange construction. Now it can be done for free within the framework of the "Guest Card" project.

Ruslan Abramovich, head of the museum:
Buying a guest card, you have free entrance, a huge territory of the complex for visiting: a well-known inverted house, a zoological garden, craft workshops. People come here just for a walk, but stay sometimes for the whole day.

Valentine and Juliet arrived from Paris to Minsk for an internship. All Belarusian things for the French are clearly a wonder. But with a pleasant aftertaste.

Tourists are attracted to Minsk and beyond it with the help of this plastic ticket, in which much is included. Identification is based on a special QR code. Its activation is good for one year. Nearly 40 museums, car rental services, bus tours, a water park, a zoo, 16 hotels and several retail chains have joined the program.

Natalia Bolshakova, specialist of marketing and advertising department:
The card is in the envelope, that's how it looks. There is also a guidebook detailing all the museums and institutions that you can visit on the program. And here are two brochures - in Russian and English.

This couple is an example of the fact that not only foreigners learn Belarus with interest, but also Belarusians. Andrei and Yulia from Gomel have one day for a mini trip around the capital. They have daily cards and arranged routes. They will spend less time with a guidebook, and will save the money with a plastic ticket.

Andrei and Julia, tourists (Belarus):

We will go to the cat museum, to the National Library, to the National Museum probably. We'll go where it's free. We will go on a bus tour, a red double-decker.

Today, tourists are offered to buy three types of cards at different costs - for one, two and three days. Everyone chooses what they like and can afford. There are discounts in museums, some of them free, unlimited travel on land transport and 10 metro travels. They operate for the time specified on the "pass". But some bonuses can be used for a long time.

Alexander Shifrin, chief specialist in information technologies, marketing and tourism of Mingorspravka enterprise:
You come to the first museum, here are the time of the first visit, you see there is a special white strip here, from this moment the countdown begins. Once you have visited what you like, it becomes a card for hotels, shops, restaurants, car rental. For three years.

Victoria Khodosok, CTV Channel:
This is another place where you can take advantage of the "Guest Card" bonuses - the observation platform of the National Library, 23rd floor. A bird's-eye view of the city. This is an opportunity to make good photos and, of course, selfies.

Even without a set of bonuses in Minsk, but with the luggage of impressions, guests from Russia leave Belarus. Matvei and Nastya went on a six-day trip to Belarus, and not by chance. But unfortunately the tourists learned about the "miracle card" with discounts too late. But the next time, in the summer, will definitely take advantage.

Matvei Zaglubotsky and Anastasia Kulikova, tourists (Russia):
We already had time to walk around Victory Square, go to TSUM, travel by metro. We were in many cathedrals. Very nice, we liked it. The next time we'll come here in the summer.

Later on a trip with such a card there will be 5 or even 7 days. A "pass" will be developed specifically for car owners, and the thematic plastic card will appear to the European Games 2019.

Belarus western capital, Brest, will also increase the inflow of tourists this way.

It's time for Belarusians to reinforce hospitality with a new offer: almost 80,000 foreigners from 65 countries entered Belarus on a visa-free regime only for 2017.

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