President Lukashenko about customs cooperation with Russia


President Lukashenko about customs cooperation with Russia

The cooperation of Belarus and Russia in the customs sector was discussed at the meeting of President Lukashenko with the head of the State Custom Committee Yuri Senko on January 30, 2018.

In 2017 Belarus detained over 10 thousand tons of sanctioned goods, the value of which is estimated at about 9 million dollars. As a rule, such goods are marked as Belarusian by the violators. As a result, Belarusian manufacturers are blamed for the quality of these goods, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with it.

Belarusian and Russian specialists will continue determined attempts of transporting sanctioned good through the mutual border. President Lukashenko was interested in the current situation in the customs sector and the results of this sector’s work in 2017. In addition, Alexander Lukashenko gave indications to continue close cooperation with the EU neighbors concerning elimination of long queues at the border, especially at the border with Lithuania.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
What is the situation at the customs today, what are the problems? The second issue is cooperation with Russia. I would like to hear your opinion and estimation of the situation: are there any claims from the Russian side towards our work on the territory of Belarus- you understand, it primarily concerns sanctioned products? Therefore, the press and high official quite often make claims that there are Belarusian shrimps, Belarusian caviar and so on. It is necessary to be happy that Belarus learnt how to produce both black and red caviar Well done! It may be done artificially, but it is not worse than in other countries. Nevertheless, if there are remarks, there is no smoke without fire.

I would like to hear an objective opinion: where else should we work harder, so that there would be fewer claims from the Russian side? And how our cooperation is develop in here with Russia, some way or the other, the border of the Union State is near Brest and not near Smolensk- the real border line which functions.