Belarus' NOC on 2018 Olympic medal expectations


Belarus' NOC on 2018 Olympic medal expectations

XXIII Winter Olympic Games will start on February 9 in South Korea, with 28 Belarusian athletes to take part in it.

The press secretary of the Belarus National Olympic Committee Viktoria Mennanova told the TV program Sports Week on the CTV Channel what the medal expectations of the NOC this year are.

For several years, no task has been put regarding the number of medals to be won. However, the success of the performance is still judged by the number of awards. How many podium places is Belarus expected to take? And what are the forecasts?

Victoria Mennanova, press secretary of the National Olympic Committee:
I think my opinion will be in tune with the opinion of every Belarusian: I want as many medals for our country as possible - the more, the better. Now a lot depends on our athletes.

Yet are there any more accurate numbers?

Victoria Mennanova:
This is a difficult question. If we talk about the number, at the last winter Olympics in Sochi Belarus managed to show the best result in its sovereign history: five gold and one bronze medals. I think we should at least preserve this result and even improve it.