Nikolai Kozeko about upcoming Olympics in South Korea


Nikolai Kozeko about upcoming Olympics in South Korea

Belarusian “winter” athletes and coaches are on their way to South Korea for the 2018 Olympics.

Nevertheless, Stolichnoe Televidenie has found an opportunity to talk to the head coach of the freestyle team Nikolai Kozeko.

Nikolai Kozeko, head coach of the national freestyle team of the Republic of Belarus:
We ended the World Cup well. We have two winners there. Anton Kushnir came third in the overall rankings, Anna Guskova came second. In addition, we are second in the Nation Cup. Therefore, the mood is optimistic. Unfortunately, Denis Osipov did not fulfill the task, we were hoping to get the fourth quota chosen, and therefore, we have six.

What about your mood? You have gone through so many Olympic Games. Or are you just used to it?

Nikolai Kozeko:
When you get used to something- there is no adrenalin. I think that it is not the kind of mood you should go to the Olympics with. Everything is new and there is a lot of excitement. It is pleasant to battle against you, in the first place. The same as for the sportsmen.