Syrian children struck by Belarusian hospitality

Syrian children struck by Belarusian hospitality

On January 29 a two-week vacation of Syrian children in Belarus ended.

Belarus received almost 150 teenagers from different cities. The foreign guests got familiar with Belarusian culture and way of life.

In the Zubrenok camp, they not only rested, but also improved their health. They passed medical examination and were treated if necessary. In addition, the children managed to see the main sights. They have lots of memories about Belarus: many for the first time saw snow here.

In Syria it is very hot, here is absolutely different climate. At first it was very cold, but I quickly adapted. Frosts is also great, since you can ski and skate.

Belarusians are very hospitable and polite, it struck me the most. They always hold the door for you, they wish good luck and smile - this is very cool.

I visited Nesvizh and Mir castles and I can say you have a very beautiful architecture. In general, I liked Belarusian culture. I hope to be here again.

In the summer of 2018, other children from Syria will visit Belarus for recovery. The Zubrenok center will host them too. All in all, more than 500 people from this Arab Republic will visit Belarus by the end of 2018.