Belarus' achievements at Winter Olympics: Review


Belarus' achievements at Winter Olympics: Review

The 1994 Winter Games in the tiny Norwegian town of Lillehammer became the first for the sovereign Belarusian Olympic team.

Then 33 Belarusian sportsmen went to the Games and proudly passed at the opening ceremony led by the flag-bearer Yevgeny Redkin, the Olympic champion of the previous Games in Albertville.

Since then, the number of Belarusian Olympians has been steadily growing up to the 2002 Games. True, the majority of new delegates were ice hockey players: in Nagano and Salt Lake City, where Belarus' ice hockey team took part, the Olympic team of our country was almost twice as large as in Norway. The lack of hockey players in Turin and Sochi immediately affected the number of athletes under the Belarusian flag.

In addition to hockey, Belarusian athletes, as a rule, protect the honor of the country in biathlon, skiing and skiing, as well as speed skating, short track and freestyle. Snowboard and cross-country skiing had no representatives of Belarus after Salt Lake City.

Gradually disappearing from the radar are also Belarusian figure skaters: representatives of this sport could not qualify for the 2010 Games and since then they have not taken part in any Olympic events.

Out of 10 sports in which Belarusians have ever participated in the Olympics, only three have brought medal successes. 

Since 1998 freestyle skiers won at least one medal. Of course the biggest overall success is attributed to shooting skiers, Sochi 2014 being the pinnacle.

The first winter Olympic champion in the history of sovereign Belarus was Alexei Grishin - in the suburb of Vancouver he made his jump, which took him to the top of the podium.

But the performance of our athletes in Sochi was truly historic, despite a record low number of Belarusian athletes and a record low number of sports represented by Belarusians.

This city gave Belarus two Olympic titles in ski acrobatics (Anton Kushnir and Alla Tsuper) - in this sport Belarusians had long been trendsetters. And also four medals in biathlon, three times of which were gold - won by the woman who will later become the official Hero of Belarus - Daria Domracheva.

Belarusian fans are in anticipation of new moments of triumph. The triumph of speed, accuracy and flight.