Amkodor-Logoisk shipping forestry equipment to EU

Amkodor-Logoisk shipping forestry equipment to EU

An assembly plant of Amkodor-Logoisk to produce forest machinery will be established in Lithuania.

Amkodor-Logoisk voiced plans to modernize their production facilities. Equipment production will increase from 100 to 1,000 units per year. Additional jobs will be created: their number will double in three years.

Yevgeny Kosinov, First Deputy Director of Marketing Center of Amkodor-Logoisk:
We have worked for a year and already in 2018 we start deliveries to European Union. In particular, we are talking about first vehicle sets that are shipped to our enterprises in Lithuania. In the future, we are planning to supply goods to the markets of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The products of mechanical engineering which are created on this site are already in high demand, primarily in the domestic market.

Belarus remained probably the only country in the CIS to have retained the competences required to produce this kind of forestry equipment. In general, we are talking about developing these competencies.

The Logoisk district of Belarus is also developing branches that are not peculiar to Belarus. Increasingly popular in the market is mare's milk. It is supplied from Logoysk to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Sheep breeding is also developing.