Russian miners actively registering companies in Belarus

Russian miners actively registering companies in Belarus


Every day new companies are registered in various regions of Belarus after the decrees on the development of digital economy and entrepreneurship, said director of the small business incubator Law and Order in Vitebsk Mikhail Keizerov.

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"Today every day we register 2-3 new legal entities. Honestly, there has not been such dynamism for many years. Everyone is very enthusiastic.

Many mining companies from Russia, from the Baltic countries come to Belarus and people say: "It's hard to do this in our countries, but Belarus has all the conditions". We, in turn, do everything to ensure that these companies live here, so that new jobs are created and taxes paid," the expert said.

The aforementioned decrees were signed by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko in late 2017. According to them, digital economy will develop in Belarus and crypto currency acquires legal status.