Belarusian actress to marry Jean-Marc Birkholz?

Belarusian actress to marry Jean-Marc Birkholz?


Joint photos of the leading actress of Belarus' Yanka Kupala Theater Valentina Gartsuyeva and German actor Jean-Marc Birkholz have appeared in social networks. There were rumours that the wedding is just around the corner.

Valentina Gartsuyeva is the daughter of the honored artist of Belarus, the prima of the Kupala Theater Zoya Belokhvostik and the artistic director of the Belarusian Drama Theater Alexander Gartsyev. 

She is a successful actress acting in a number of films and having leading roles in the theater: Barbara ("Black Panna from Nyasvizh"), Ganna ("People on the swamp") and Nina Zarechnaya (The Seagull). Valentina has been working in the Kupala Theater for 10 years and is now engaged in 13 performances.

Valentina and Jean-Marc met in 2012, when the German actor was in Minsk to act in the military drama "Death to Spies", but they began to see each other last summer. 

Valentina published a joint photo with Jean-Marc on Instagram only in December 2017.

Jean-Marc flew to Minsk to celebrate his 44th birthday with his beloved. By the way, he marks all the photos of Valentina in Instagram with hearts and loving emoticons.

On the future wedding, the actress says:

"Everything is in process. We really want a family, and we apply all our efforts to this. We are busy with documents, and since we live in different places, this is taking longer than we would like. Although Marc comes to Minsk every month using a visa-free entry for 5 days."

- Will Kupalovsky [theater] lose another actress? Svetlana Zelenkovskaya left, Anna Kitrik and now you?

- At first we decided to live in Minsk. So I'm here for now.