World of Tanks to be available in virtual reality

World of Tanks to be available in virtual reality

Photo: VentureBeat

World of Tanks will be available in virtual reality. The VR version of the game will be the first project of the company Neurogaming, co-founded by Wargaming and VRTech, reports Venture Beat.

True, virtual reality in World of Tanks will not be available at home. For now in order to play the VR version of the game you will have to go to CinemaVR, which are still located only in major cities.

According to Russian newspaper Vedomosti, Wargaming expects that in 2018 the number of virtual reality halls with WoT VR available will grow to 300, and the number of users will reach 3 million in the former Soviet Union, Western Europe and the USA. To achieve this goal, Neurogaming offices will open in Amsterdam and New York before the end of March 2018.

"The VRTech team, which joined us, has a very strong expertise in creating VR games and entertainment. We decided to use this expertise, reinforcing it with our experience of creating games and working with the community, instead of doing it from scratch," a representative of Wargaming said.

The company believes that gaming halls are a good way to democratize virtual reality, allowing players not to spend thousands of dollars on personal extra equipment.

Wargaming announced its cooperation with the Moscow studio of virtual reality VRTech in August 2017. The companies intend to invest $16 million in Neurogaming, which will specialize in creating and publishing VR games and developing related technologies. Today Neurogaming employs 75 people, and the main office of the VR developer is located in Cyprus.