Belarus pitted aganist Luxemburg in League of Nations


Belarus pitted aganist Luxemburg in League of Nations

After the draw of the group stage of the League of Nations, the calendar of the Belarusian national team for this tournament became known. It was unveiled by the press service of the Belarusian Football Federation.

Belarus is in the second group together with Luxembourg, Moldova and San Marino.

Many Belarusian fans think Luxemburg is an unlucky draw for Belarus, because the White Wings have recently had hard time playing against this seemingly weak team.

The Belarusian national team will hold the first match on September 8 at home against San Marino. On the same day, Luxembourg will host Moldova.

Schedule of other meetings:

11 September: Moldova - Belarus, San Marino - Luxembourg;

12 October: Belarus - Luxembourg, Moldova - San Marino;

15 October: Belarus - Moldova, Luxembourg - San Marino;

15 November: San Marino - Moldova, Luxembourg - Belarus;

18 November: Moldova - Luxembourg, San Marino - Belarus.