Meet the only inclusive choir in Belarus

Meet the only inclusive choir in Belarus

Rita has a musical childhood. She dreams of singing on the big stage with famous choristers, her mother helps to fulfill her dream. She supports her and helps in all her endeavors. She brought a little Rita to the inclusive choir - the only one in Belarus. 

Both blind and healthy children sing here. The girl does not see, but she feels the support of the audience. Rita admits that the stage gives her joy, especially when she sings with her mother.

Nadezhda Bektineyeva:
I attended the classes and learned all the sections, began to sing along. Then Elena Ivanovna invited me to the choir.

Veronica and Rita met at school. They are united by love to music. Now the girls sing in the choir together. Veronica became Rita's eyes. She helps her to move and not get lost. The girls study the Braille musical system together. It is a method of reading and feeling the text to the touch.

Music helps to understand oneself, to understand other people.

People are different, and it does not matter whether a person with special needs or not. It's also interesting to communicate with such special people.

The inclusive choir "Joy of the Soul" has been working for three years. More than 50 children are in the choir, as well as their parents. Joint activities change the relationship of children to each other. The choir destroys barriers in communication. The kids learn to empathize, and visually impaired children receive support and develop their talents. 

Elena Maslova, head of the inclusive choir "Joy of the Soul":
When they learn a new vocal repertoire, they open a truly new world. They sing about things they do not see, but thanks to the song they can understand what the sunrise is, or what a light cloud is. We study all these things with the help of sound and touch.

Each lesson begins with a vocal warm-up. This is a set of vocal exercises. They warm up the muscles and vocal apparatus. Such exercises also help children to tune in and engage in the process.

The choir will take part in several contests in January, so the children will have a "hot" musical winter. The kids also participate in charitable projects. For example, they perform in church parishes.