Belarusian freestyle skier Anton Kushnir: interesting facts


Belarusian freestyle skier Anton Kushnir: interesting facts

Anton was born in Ukraine like another Belarusian Olympic champion Alla Tsuper. This is such a good city for our sport!

In 2002, an eighteen-year-old boy moved to Belarus, because conditions for freestyle training in Belarus were incomparably better. 

The promising Anton was by that time five-time champion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Kushnir's parents stayed in their homeland, in Rivne.

Gradually Kushnir secured a place in the national team of Belarus, and eventually became its leader. He went to the Olympics 2010 as an undisputed favorite. Who, if not he, was worth a gold medal at that time?

That season, Kushnir acquired a fantastic form. Of the six World Cups he won four, and at the other two he took silver and bronze respectively.

But at the Olympics Kushnir was unlucky: his ski went off, he could not land properly and did not qualify for the final.

At the Sochi 2014, Kushnir was again expected to win a medal, but not so unconditionally. Fans hoped that at least one of the Belarusian freestylers would win a medal.

In the final, being the only Belarusian to make it to this stage, he decided to perform an attempt with a maximum coefficient of 5.0. And he performed it flawlessly. Only a Czech Republic judge did not give the maximum points. The two Chinese who started after him, failed in their attempts and Kushnir became the Olympic champion!

Kushnir received $150,000 for the victory in Sochi and said this money would help him a lot. The sportsman said prior to the Olympics that he had not had much money. 

His salary as an athlete-instructor back then was extremely low.

Then, for previous successes, Kushnir also received a presidential scholarship that reached $3,000, which is very much compared to an average Belarusian's incomes. In addition, there were some payments from the border committee, which traditionally supports freestylers.

Kushnir eventually purchased a two-level apartment with access to the roof in a high-rise building in the area of ​​Voronyanskogo Street in Minsk.

However, soon the rules for helping athletes in Belarus changed. The President's scholarship fell, and over time it could disappear completely. Moreover, Kushnir gave a careless interview complaining about his low salary and was deprived of the aid from the State Border Committee of Belarus.

However, the presidential scholarship did remain.

The love story of Kushnir is another fascinating story. A young promising athlete liked girls.

He first saw Natalia Shvets, an athlete who was fond of Thai boxing. By the way, this Belarusian won a beauty contest in Poland!

Romantic relations lasted a year, after which they decided to "remain friends."

Kushnir was carried away by the singer from the Topless band Tatiana Bankovskaya. He met the girl during a photo shoot for Pressball newspaper. That love story lasted about a year.

And then the freestyle skier went to see his parents, taking with them Tatyana, and another girl Natalia, whose boyfriend at the time could not go with them. It all ended with Anton's marriage with Natalia. Now they are raising son Platon.