Belarus 2018 Olympics squad: official list


Belarus 2018 Olympics squad: official list

The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus announced the full squad of the Belarusian national team at the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Pyeongchang.

UPDATE: 28 athletes were initially to compete under the Belarusian flag. Then on January 29 Belarus was given 5 additional places: two in alpine skiing and three in skating.

"In terms of the number of licenses compared to last games in Sochi, there were 27 licenses back then and now there are 28. I would like to emphasize that the selection criteria from cycle to cycle are tightening. All our athletes went through a tough selection. We hope our athletes will adequately represent Belarus at the Olympics," the chief of mission, Alexander Baraulia, said on Wednesday.

The squad of the Belarusian national team at the 2018 Olympics


- Darya Domracheva
- Nadezhda Skardino
- Irina Krivko
- Nadezhda Pisareva
- Dinara Alimbekova
- Vladimir Chepelin
- Sergey Bocharnikov
- Maxim Vorobei
- Roman Eletnov
- Anton Smolsky

Alpine skiing:

- Maria Shkanova
- Yuri Danilochkin

Speed skating:

- Marina Zueva 
- Ignat Golovatyuk

Cross-country skiing:

- Yulia Tikhonova
- Polina Seronosova
- Anastasia Kirillova
- Alexander Voronov
- Yuri Astapenko
- Mikhail Semyonov
- Sergey Dolidovich

It is noteworthy that Sergey Dolidovich is listed number 7 at the Games and the 2018 Olympics will be his seventh in career.

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Freestyle skiing:

- Anton Kushnir
- Stanislav Gladchenko
- Maxim Gustik
- Alla Tsuper
- Anna Guskova
- Alexandra Romanovskaya

Short track:

- Maxim Sergeev
- Vitaly Mikhailov (added)
- Tatyana Mikhailova (added)
- Ksenia Sadovskaya (added)

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