President Lukashenko, Kent Härstedt discuss possibility of “Helsinki-2”


President Lukashenko, Kent Härstedt discuss possibility of “Helsinki-2”

Belarus will continue being a good support for the OSCE.

This was said by Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with Kent Härstedt, OSCE PA Vice-President. The situation at the European market was also discussed. Today this region needs more decisive actions to lower tension.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We agreed on discussing a variant of creating “Helsinki-2”, so that the leading countries in the OSCE would discuss further actions on lowering the tension on the European continent. It may be not “Helsinki-2”, something else- we will think how to name this process. Nevertheless, in my opinion, “Helsinki-2” would be understandable, and it will be the continuation of the process which was established in your neighboring country.

Belarus initiated the revival of the famous Helsinki process several times. This issue became one of the most topical at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly held in Minsk in 2017.