Belarus participates in international tourism exhibition Fitur in Madrid for the first time


Belarus participates in international tourism exhibition Fitur in Madrid for the first time

The national stand of Belarus was presented for the first time at the largest tourist exhibition in Spain. Every year Fitur gathers dozens of states to present their country and potential to the whole world.

Olesya Slizheva, CTV Channel:
We are at one of the largest tourist exhibitions - Fitur, which is held in Madrid for the 38th time already. No wonder that Spain has such success, especially this year. Here 165 countries and regions, 10,000 companies are represented. At the international level, there has already been an increase of 13 per cent compared to 2017.

The organizers decided to focus on sustainability and technological innovation. India is a guest country. 5G, multinational corporations and small start-ups can be seen at Fitur.

The King of Spain visited the exhibition on its first day. There were also politicians, diplomats, and international business circles. There is an investment forum Africa ​​with participation of the International Organization for Tourism within Fitur. For the first time in 2018 a number of new countries appeared, Belarus being among them.

Elena Likhimovich, Deputy Director of the National Agency for Tourism:

We analyzed what interests people. First of all, it is nature, Belarus’ ecological tours. Belarus is still an unknown country for Spaniards, so they are interested in everything.

Evgeny Buloichik, head of the Sport and Tourism Department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee:
Although we are here for the first time, I am sure that we will be presented more widely in 2019. There are a lot of tourist operators who could involve Belarus in the interest of international tourists.

Belarus has already generated interest from visitors and local media. The Minister of Sport and Tourism recently gave an interview to one of Spanish TV channels. A number of agreements have been signed at the governmental level between the two states.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is an interesting country for Europe, there are many historical monuments.

The tourist sector in Spain reached its peak in 2017. The country was visited by more than 77 million tourists, which is nine per cent higher than last year. After the economic crisis, this is more than a revival for any state. And Spaniards also like to travel.

Guest of the exhibition:
I know Belarus well, I was there two times. I came for business in Gomel and Mozyr. I really liked Belarusian hospitality. I would also like to visit the north of the country. I have heard about Belarusian lakes.

Olesya Chicherova, CTV Channel:
Perhaps, the number of guests from the Iberian Peninsula will increase in Belarus after its appearance at Fitur. Moreover, such trips became as simple as possible. Not just because of the abolition of visas. In the summer, for example, Minsk and Barcelona are connected by four direct flights.

 Беларусь впервые принимает участие в международной туристической выставке «Fitur» в Мадриде. Репортаж СТВ