How Minsk zoo inhabitants handle snowstorm


How Minsk zoo inhabitants handle snowstorm

While some do not like snow, others seemingly are waiting for the moment when winter will finally come, with its snow and chill.

The camels in Minsk Zoo liked a winter wonderland. Camel Vasya noticeably perks up when he sees snowflakes. His friend Yashma shares the enthusiasm.

But their Belarusian neighbor, perhaps, is not surprised.

But all the inhabitants have pleasant bonuses in this weather.

Natalia Mysleiko, Minsk Zoo employee:
We give hay to our hoofed animals, now we are brought a lot of fir-trees. They feed on pine needles, restore their balance of phytoncides. And, of course, get a very large amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Belarusians will be able to watch truly winter-like landscapes in the coming days.

According to the Belarusian Hydrometeorological Center, January is not going to back down. Heavy snow and gusty wind are forecast in all regions of Belarus.

 как переносят метель обитатели Минского зоопарка

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