Indian students arrive in Belarus for traineeship

Indian students arrive in Belarus for traineeship

Indian students from Bangalore have arrived in Belarus for their educational training. Besides the theory they are going to get, the students will visit a range of plants which export machinery to the Indian market.

What is more, Minsk and Delhi are planning to open a Belarusian center for vocational education.

The first thing that Sindu Shastri did when she arrived in Belarus, she took her mobile phone out to show her relatives the snow outside. Snow is something exotic for India.

Sindu Shastri, student (India):
Before coming to Belarus, I read about the country and I was inspired by the information about it. The people are very hospitable, everyone is smiling. But I was not ready for such weather. I bought a scarf for myself, such low temperatures are very unusual for us.

Likit Shrikivas is a student from Bangalore as well. He came to Belarus to get some experience and he considers Belarusian education to be a lot more efficient.

Likit Shrikivas, student (India):
I chose Belarus because the majority of successfully developing industrial giants are located here. Belarus is very popular in India; you have great opportunities to develop even more. And if I find a worthy job here, I will thing about moving to Belarus.

It was decided to train specialists for India during Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Delhi in September 2017. This is the first group of 15 people, 35 more will join them in a few days’ time.

Valery Golubovsky, rector of the Republican Institute for Professional Education:
The aim of the training, from the one hand, is to learn the theory of coordinating production processes. On the other hand, the aim is to get acquainted with the most modern technologies in machine engineering and automobile service. The third aim is to visit plants, to see real Belarusian pants where automatic control systems are being implemented.

The next stage of Belarus-India relations in the education sector will be the opening of a vocational center in India. Belarus is prepared is also ready to supply the center with all the modern educational equipment.