How Domracheva returned to Fischer skis


How Domracheva returned to Fischer skis


The talk show "What's going on?" touched on the choice of Darya Domracheva's equipment, in particular, skis, with which the three-time Olympic champion has had a number of issues recently.

Anatoly Stromsky, general secretary of the Belarusian Federation of Biathlon:
As for the skis, Dasha decided to change the skis, because if you remember last season, there were often problems with sliding. In order to win, you need to have better equipment.

Therefore, she chose from several ski brands, and those were far from those promoted. First of all, she chose what she thought would help her win medals at the Olympics. She selected from several manufacturers and signed a contract.

But at the beginning of the season we all saw that the problems remained.

Moreover, she changed her technique a little, therefore a decision was made to return to Fischer.