Lukashenko to Härstedt: Belarus eager to start Helsinki-2 process


Lukashenko to Härstedt: Belarus eager to start Helsinki-2 process


Belarus will remain a reliable platform for the OSCE and will make every effort to preserve peace and order in the common European home.

January 23, Alexander Lukashenko made this statement meeting at the Palace of Independence with the representative of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for Eastern Europe, Kent Harstedt.

Belarusian lawmakers take an active part in the work of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. One of the most important initiatives of Belarus is the adoption of a resolution on cooperation in overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

Discussing the international situation and security issues, the Belarus President stressed that official Minsk is ready once again to become a platform for relieving tension in the European region.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
As for the European and regional security, you know our attitude to many things, to many trends in Europe. You know our attitude to security, war and peace. Thank God, we could demonstrate this to the whole world. We will continue to adhere to this position. And, believe me, for the OSCE we will be a good support here in the center of Europe, and we will do everything to ensure that in our common European home is in peace and order.

As for the general trend in the world, you are good at the situation. I will tell you one thing : we need to urgently do something to reduce the negative trend in Europe. And we proposed to discuss, as an option, a certain "Helsinki-2" project so that the leading countries of the world that are members of the OSCE could sit down at the negotiating table and discuss further actions to reduce tensions on the European continent. Let it not be exactly "Helsinki-2", it may be called anything - we'll coin a name for this process. Although, I think, "Helsinki-2" will be understandable and will be a continuation of the process that was once started near your country.