President Lukashenko: Belarus and Pakistan must exceed billion level of mutual trade, no matter what it takes


President Lukashenko: Belarus and Pakistan must exceed billion level of mutual trade, no matter what it takes

On January 22, 2018 Alexander Lukashenko met with the Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus Masud Khan Raja who is finishing his diplomatic mission.

During the meeting President Lukashenko said that Pakistan can always count on Belarus as on a good friend. There are many cooperation sectors: industry, building, logistics, agriculture. Pakistan is interested in establishing mutual agricultural processing plants and in buying Belarusian machinery. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that the foundation for the development of relations has been created. The main task for now is to develop and increase the trade and economic cooperation.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
A lot has been done in establishing friendly relations, very friendly relations between Belarus and Pakistan. You know my relations with the premier of your country, we have food friendly relations with Nawaz Sharif. Uneasy tasks are set for us - we have created a basis of our relations and now, primarily, we must strengthen trading and economic relations. We have specific tasks – we need to exceed the billion level of our commodity circulation, no matter what it takes us. The potential is tremendous. We will estimate it very highly if our colleagues in Pakistan will move in this direction. I want to assure you that Belarus will do everything possible for it to happen. As for diplomacy, politics, you will always see a reliable partner in Belarus. Tell the authorities of Pakistan: Belarus follows our mutual agreements, despite world controversies, cataclysms and mess. Our authorities will stay as they have been up to this very point – dynamically developing relations.

Masud Khan Raja, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Republic of Belarus:
It is great honor for me to be the Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus. Throughout the entire term of my service, the Belarusian government supported me. We have determined concrete targets. Since your first visit to Pakistan in May 2015, we have developed our relations in different sectors.

Pakistan is the leading player of the Asian region. In 2017. The commodity circulation between Belarus and Pakistan increased by nearly 30%. The export of Belarusian goods there increased by nearly 50%. In the last three years of cooperation, the two countries signed 80 documents. In addition, the business circles are open for a dialogue as well.