How Syrian children spend their holidays in Belarus

How Syrian children spend their holidays in Belarus

Syrian children who came to Belarus for recuperation started acquaintance with the country.

Unlike Belarus, Syria has access to the sea; but it was in Minsk that many of these Syrians saw dolphins for the first time in their lives. During this water show, the children did not stop taking photos and making videos.

The children received unforgettable impressions from getting acquainted with the National Art Museum. Even here Syrian kids easily found a place for a photo to remember. And most of all the children were impressed by Belarusian architecture and, of course, the weather. Many of them saw snow for the first time in their lives.

Maya, schoolgirl (Syria):
Everything is very exciting. The museum is very beautiful. We saw the Belarusian landscapes, got acquainted with the history of Belarus. Of course, it's a bit cold, but our hearts fill up with warmth from the hospitality of Belarusians.

Schoolboy (Syria):
I was impressed by your architecture. I liked Belarusian art. The weather, of course, is not the same as in Syria. But people are very friendly and good-natured.

The young guests visited some Belarusian universities too. Many children are thinking about their future profession. A trip to the Mir and Nesvizh castles will add even more impressions.

Belarusian holidays for children from Syria will last two weeks.

By the way, this is not the first visit of children from Syria to Belarus. A group of kids was on vacation in Belarus in 2017. During a medial observation a tumor was found in one of the girls, after which she was successfully operated on. 

The children also met with the Belarus President back then. Alexander Lukashenko proposed to develop a program of recuperation and education for Syrian children in Belarus.