Review of Nadezhda Skardino's Instagram page


Review of Nadezhda Skardino's Instagram page

The 2017-2018 sports season was rather successful for Nadezhda Skardino.

For the first time in her sports career, Nadezhda won a race at the World Cup stage and the Small Crystal Globe for individual competitions. At the 2014 Olympics in Sochi she won bronze in individual race.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are on their way. On February 9, 2018 South Korea will be hosting the event all sport fans have been waiting for and Nadezhda has pretty good chances of winning there.

The fans of Nadezhda always support her and wish her luck in every start.

“Good luck in the race… Hope you shoot well and will please us all”.

“I think that Nadezhda will show the world who is the best”.

Nadezhda is a very active Instagram user and Stolichnoe Televidenie decided to analyze her page. Nadezhda has about 13 thousand followers.

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Nadezhda with her mum

Nadezhda together with her brothers and sisters decided to present their mother a very unusual cake for one of the family celebrations

The athlete often publishes photos of her native city St. Petersburg 

Photos from sports competitions 

And the countries she has visited