President Lukashenko signs border protection resolution for 2018


President Lukashenko signs border protection resolution for 2018

The decision to guard the Belarusian state border was confirmed by Alexander Lukashenko on January 22, 2018.

The President emphasized that Belarus will continue building up military defense, establishing new border guard stations equipped with all the modern facilities. Bu protecting its border, the country combats against terrorists, migrant, arms and drug dealers on the way from the East to the West and the other way round.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
As it used to be before, borders must stay sacred and untouchable. We will be improving the system of countering the threats and challenges of border security, we will be renewing the forms of further development of the border control agency. It is unlikely that the situation at the border will change tremendously in the nearest time. Therefore, it is necessary to continue actively building up border lines, to create good conditions for military service at the border, to build border guard stations, to equip these stations with the the most moderns technical devices. We have done a lot in the process of optimizing by means of decreasing some secondary functions and positions, and by transferring the center of gravity to the border and strengthening the border contingent.

A lot of money is invested into border protection. Belarus is a safety island on the Eurasian continent today. We spend a lot, but at the same time we prevent migrants, bandits, charlatans and criminal groups from entering Europe and then moving back to the East. An important international function is fulfilled here in Belarus. But I will be honest, the international community, especially Europeans, and Russians as well, could be more active in the financial participation of supporting Belarus’ efforts in combating with certain violations.

The situation on the international arena today has influenced on making the decision. Migration crisis and high terrorist threat in the EU, the growing arms