Domracheva returns to Fischer skis, expects top form at 2018 Olympics


Domracheva returns to Fischer skis, expects top form at 2018 Olympics

Photo: FasterSkier

After the sprint race in Italian Antholz, where Daria Domracheva took fourth place, the biathlete answered some questions from the media. In particular she commented on her "old new" skis and 2018 Olympics in South Korea.

The three-time Olympic champion was somewhat frustrated by the fact that once again, one "extra" miss left her without a prize.

- Are you satisfied that you are running on Fischer again?

- I will say like that: I have returned to the origins. I'm glad it happened.

- In spite of the fact that the stage in Antholz is considered very prestigious, now World Cup races began to be perceived as rehearsals prior to the Olympic competitions...

- And that's OK! This is the background of the Olympic season. Each cup stage is a step to the 2018 Games. Preparation for South Korea. Be it different, I would live at a lower altitude. But now I contine to follow a methodical program that includes living in the mountains. Therefore, I do not exclude that I have some symptoms associated with acclimatization processes. But I do this all consciously.

It is necessary to sacrifice the top form in Antholz to be fully armed at the 2018 Olympics.


On January 21, Darya Domracheva won gold at the mass start in Antholz. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko immediately congratulated the athlete on the success.