Belarus purchases armored cars Dragon from China


Belarus purchases armored cars Dragon from China

Belarus' Armed Forces has received another batch of armored cars Dragon.

The vehicles arrived by a special flight from the People's Republic of China. Dajiang, as it is called in China, came into service in the Belarusian army in 2017 and has already managed to take part in the joint strategic exercise West 2017. New off-road vehicles are slightly different from their predecessors.

After trial operation in Belarus, the armored cars were modified.

Dmitry Uporov, deputy chief of the Department for International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense:
Cooperation between our countries is actively developing in all directions and bilateral military cooperation is no exception.

Each armored car can accommodate up to 9 servicemen in full combat equipment. Fully welded body, made of steel armor, provides protection of class 4. 

The vehicle is equipped with tires that have a pressure stability controlling system. Thus it is able to go at least 100 kilometers after puncture.