Recovery of red deer population in northern Belarus

Recovery of red deer population in northern Belarus

Deer were brought to Chashniki town, Verhnedvinsk town, and Sharkovschina urban village in 2018.

Oleg Selyakh is preparing to meet the deer with special trepidation in Sharkovshchina. There are 5 tons of grain, 3 tons of hay and about 200 kilograms of salt. Also, there are comfortable living conditions and no danger - it is important.

Oleg Selyakh, leading hunter of the Sharkovshchina district structure "Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen":
If there is a large number of wolves, our government program is in jeopardy. Therefore, we were simultaneously building an aviary. We caught a few wolves.

Oleg Selyakh waited for fifty red deer since the morning. Absolutely new population will begin its development with them. There are 3 males, 18 females and 29 fawns up to one year.

Anastasia But, CTV Channel:
Deer were bought for the money that hunters of the northern region pay to the budget. Fifty deer cost 100,000 rubles (about $50,000). The tender involved five reindeer farms, including two European ones. But the breeders from the Gomel region won.

The best deer were brought from the European reserves to Kalinkovichi town in due time. Purebred animals in open-air aviaries gave offspring of pure blood.

The experience of the revival of the population in the south of Belarus has also become one of the criteria for selecting the supplier of red deer to the north of Belarus.

Vladimir Aliseiko, director of Kalinkovichi structure "Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen":
Animals after stress first hide in a corner, study the territory, start eating, and then normally treat people. They are born in the open-air aviaries and not afraid of people. But if this animal is released into nature, it becomes completely wild in just six months.

500 kilometers and 10 hours on the road. It is one more step to recover the population of red deer in the north of Belarus.

Sergey Rednenko, Chairman of the Vitebsk region structure "Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen":
Only five of the 19 hunting farms of Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen in the region have a deer as a hunting species. Our goal is to settle the deer throughout the Vitebsk region.

The deer have to spend several months in the aviary. The deer will start to explore new areas only in the summer. But by that time their number will exceed 50 since the first offspring will appear on this land already in April 2018.

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