China presents electrobuses to Mogilev

China presents electrobuses to Mogilev

Electrobuses have appeared in the streets of Mogilev. Two electrobuses are the present of the Chinese province of Hunan for the city’s anniversary.

The buses made a long way, for several months they were being transported by sea, then they were tested out. And now they are in the streets of Mogilev. The low-floor 12-meter buses have already been given names: “Hunan” and “Mogilev”. They will be on the same shift and on the busiest routes. The bus is capable of transporting 80 passengers. The brand-new electrobuses have an accumulator battery and can travel up to 250 kilometers being charged once.

Specialists of the trolleybus park in Mogilev have already calculated, that such buses can save up to 35% of energy if to compare with ordinary trolleybuses.

Viktor Grechikho, electrobus driver:
There are no problems with driving it. It is a good machine, capable of picking up speed.

Sergei Monastyrenko, director of Mogilev “Gorelectrotransport” :
The advantage of electrobuses is that there is no attachment to air roads, which are always in the way in case of emergencies: maybe there is traffic, or maybe it is necessary to overtake or the contact lines have been cut down.

Cui Qiming, Chinese Ambassador to Belarus:
The relations of Belarus and China currently have an important, multilateral and strategic nature. The leaders of both Belarus and China pay great attention to regional cooperation.