Domracheva wins bronze in Antholz, amazes with fair-play


Domracheva wins bronze in Antholz, amazes with fair-play

Daria Domracheva took third place in the pursuit race at the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz. Belarus started fourth and led the race after the first shooting range. At the fourth shooting range, Daria made one mistake.

Domracheva could win silver in the last seconds. At the finish, Daria let Italian Dorothea Vierer overtake her in a fair-play move. This is how fans call Domracheva's actions.

The thing is that during the race Domracheva stepped on Vierer's stick so she did not overtake her. Belarusian fans congratulate Domracheva in social networks. Darya is called "hones and noble".

Well done. You did the right thing. Only strong athletes can do such things."

"Dasha showed everyone who is the Queen of Biathlon."

"Dasha is an honest sportswoman, this is the main thing in a person, for which I respect her."

"Respect to Daria."

Laura Dahlmeier from Germany won the event.

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