Museum Selfie Day in Minsk

Museum Selfie Day in Minsk

January 17 was a day when connoisseurs of fine art all over the world could not only come to a museum or an exhibition, but also take a selfie with their favorite exhibits.

On the International Day of Selfie, Belarusian museums opened the doors for visitors with cameras.

A few years ago, photo and video shooting was prohibited in museums. Now, without a camera flash, you can shoot almost everywhere. The directors of many galleries and museums of the world believe that this promotes art and encourages people to visit museums. 

Lizaveta Elinevich, head of the marketing sector of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus:
It is forbidden to take photos in museums, to use camera flash. We diligently protect our exhibits, but we also appreciate our visitors and are ready to make an exception for one day.

Museum Selfie Day is an international project. It was launched in 2014 in Britain, in London's museums.

In Belarus, the project was launched in 2015, and people immediately liked it. To join the creative flashmob, visitors just needed to upload a photo from the museum with the hashtag MuseumSelfie2018.  

The project is likely to be held once again in 2019.

Nadezhda Burmistrova, visitor to the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus:
This is part of the unity with the modern culture. I believe that museums should not be only repositories for art objects. Therefore, this is a big step forward.

Today the museums of Belarus occupy a modern position and are open to everyone. Here there is a comfortable atmosphere for both connoisseurs of art and “beginners”.

Alesya Belikova, CTV:
Selfie is a popular photo genre. On this day you could take photos in museums and galleries. Finally, I can also make a selfie in front of the landscapes of my favorite artist Ivan Shishkin.