Belarus sends humanitarian aid to Vietnam

Belarus sends humanitarian aid to Vietnam

Belarusian rescuers were celebrating their professional day on January 19, 2018. Nevertheless, there was no time to rest! They were organizing humanitarian aid for Vietnam.

The humanitarian aid cargo will be sent to the regions affected by a typhoon on January 20. At the beginning of November 201, a strong typhoon hit Vietnam. More than 40 people died and nearly 20 went missing. Thousands of houses have been destroyed. Now many people have to adapt to their current living conditions. Belarusian humanitarian aid will simplify their life.

Alexander Kholoduyev, Emergency Situations Deputy Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus has organized a humanitarian aid cargo weighing 40 tons and costing over 330 million Belarusian rubles. Food, children’s food, blankets, beds and even a diesel power station will be forwarded to Vietnam.

Besides Vietnam, Belarus also helped such countries as Ukraine, Ecuador and Syria.

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