Bear Fyodor from Mogilev predicts weather

Bear Fyodor from Mogilev predicts weather

A bear named Fyodor from Mogilev Zoological Gardens hasn’t gone into hibernation yet. This bear is believed to be a good forecaster as Fyodor always hibernates when severe frost is coming. However, it hasn’t happened yet.

The bear is still awake and he’s walking in his spacious open-air cage. Every year the bear hibernates as it’s getting colder and he awakes as it’s getting warmer; Fyodor hasn’t made a mistake yet.

George Malinovsky, principle of Mogilev agriculture college:
In the beginning of 2018 it was warm and the bear didn’t hibernate. As soon as it became cold, the bear became sleepy.

In a day or two the bear will hibernate. It means that winter is still coming. In natural surroundings hibernation would have started earlier but as the bear is kept in captivity, he has developed other instincts.

Yuri Prokopenko, a CTV journalist:
The bear gets all the necessary micro- and macro-elements. The menu of the bear consists of porridge, chicken, fish, and apples. Fyodor’s most favorite dish is bread with sugar and honey.

Ivan, an employee of Mogilev Zoological Gardens, is the best friend of the bear, but either way they keep the distance.

Fyodor became quite picky in terms of food; he eats only honey and fish. Having little appetite is a sign of upcoming hibernation.

Ivan Nizhnikov, the head of Mogilev Zoological Gardens’ laboratory:
It’s my favorite animal because you can always talk to him. This bear is always happy to get our treats.

Fyodor was brought to Mogilev ten years ago. The Prime Minister of Russia’s Karelia presented him as a gift to the Zoological Gardens. It’s planned to get Fyodor a female bear. They are likely to have offspring.