Ukraine crisis talks may be moved from Minsk: Belarus' reaction


Ukraine crisis talks may be moved from Minsk: Belarus' reaction

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus reacted to the statement of the President of Kazakhstan on the possibility of searching for an alternative venue for negotiations to settle the Ukraine crisis.

Answering journalists' questions on this issue, the Belarusian foreign minister began with a reminder that "it was not Belarus that suggested itself as a venue for negotiations on Ukraine, these were the leaders of the "Normandy 4" countries who asked President Alexander Lukashenko to host the meetings on the settlement Ukrainian conflict. Unlike others, Belarus does not pursue the laurels of a peacekeeper. But, this is a conflict in our family, in our region, and we are vitally interested in its resolution," Vladimir Makei stressed.

In February 2015, Merkel, Putin, Hollande and Poroshenko held 17-hour talks in the Palace of Independence in Minsk, during which the Minsk agreements were developed.

They now serve as a basis for a peaceful resolution of the situation in the Donbass.

Repeatedly the capital of Belarus hosted meetings in the given format, with representatives of different levels involved. New compromises and agreements that significantly relieve tension and escalation of the conflict are developed at the meetings of the tripartite contact group with the participation of OSCE representatives.

The first such meeting of 2018 discussed the observance of the truce in the region, the creation of security zones in the Donbass and further exchange of prisoners. The schedule of the Minsk meetings until the end of summer 2018 was also agreed upon.