Nigeria wants to adopt Belarusian education model

Nigeria wants to adopt Belarusian education model

Photo: Education Ministry of Belarus

Nigeria would like to adopt the Belarusian model of education, said Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Russia and the Republic of Belarus Steve Davies Ugbah.

Ugbah began a diplomatic mission in Belarus in January 2018. After presenting credentials to the President on January 16, the diplomat held one of the first meetings with the Minister of Education Igor Karpenko.

"The friendly relations of Belarus with the African continent are developing," underlined the Belarusian education minister.

"I can assure you that we are ready to discuss any matters in the field of education on our side in order to achieve concrete results during your diplomatic mission," the press service of Belarus' Ministry of Education quotes Karpenko as saying.

The Ambassador has already been given a draft agreement between the countries on cooperation in the field of education. Minister Karpenko said he was ready to invite his Nigerian counterpart to Belarus.

"As for education, our students highly appreciate the experience of studying in Belarus. We would like to continue this practice."

"We are interested in your experience in the development of education, your technologies. We need your support to make Nigeria a developed country," the ambassador said.

Ugbah acknowledged that Nigeria has a very high level of illiteracy. Today one of the most important tasks in Nigeria is the training of specialists.

"We would like to adopt Belarusian model of education. In our opinion, it is very successful," the ambassador concluded.