Belarus to close consulate in Milan


Belarus to close consulate in Milan

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei to discuss foreign economic activity.

The positive dynamism of export has been noted both at the expense of prices and at the expense of physical volumes.

Out of 58 Belarusian overseas institutions only nine failed to improve foreign trade performance.

Experts note it is necessary to strengthen work on diversification and increase the supply of Belarus' goods with high added value.

In addition to the results of foreign economic activity during the meeting, the minister reported to the President on the results of optimization of the foreign ministry staff as well as on the fulfillment of certain instructions of the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I believe that you wanted to discuss with me the optimization of the Foreign Ministry. If there are any inconsistencies, I'm ready to make a final decision if there are questions. But most of all I am interested in the problems of foreign economic activity. I am a bit familiar with the results. But you have more accurate information. And please tell me a few words about the prospects in terms of diversification of foreign trade and the activities of our embassies in this regard.

The central apparatus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been reduced by about 30%, and the number of employees of Belarus' foreign missions by 15%. In addition, vectors of foreign policy activity were analyzed and adjusted.

As has been repeatedly noted, Belarus needs to place emphasis in its foreign policy priorities and analyze with which countries its cooperation is the most effective. As a result, diplomatic missions in certain countries and cities will be closed. For example we are talking about Belarus' consulates in Milan, Odessa and Gdansk.

At the same time, Belarusian diplomats will go to work to some new states. On January 18, during the report, the President agreed on the conceptual approaches to foreign policy and foreign economic activity of Belarus for 2018.