Traditional Chinese medicine center opens near Minsk

Traditional Chinese medicine center opens near Minsk

The Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine was opened at the Minsk Regional Hospital. Belarusian specialists in cooperation with Chinese ones will work according to rather exotic methods.

For example, in addition to the already well-known acupuncture, the health center now offers ears massage to improve a person's condition. The condition of the internal organs is examined by means of electric pulses. Massage and leeches are an option, too.

Andrei Korolko, Chief Physician of the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital:
We plan that the center can service up to 50 people a day. This is because massage or reflexotherapy in traditional Chinese medicine can be performed simultaneously on several patients.

We also have a preliminary waiting list, so everyone will be able to receive the necessary examination and treatment at our healthcare facility in the near future.

The center of Chinese medicine has five rooms with all necessary equipment; they are designed for 50 patients daily. Initially, experts from China will be in Belarus to advise local doctors, and then Belarusian specialists will undergo an internship in China.

The Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital is located in the agrotown Liasny. Email: