“Guest cards” introduced in Belarus


“Guest cards” introduced in Belarus

Photo: http://minskpass.by/

Belarus has made another step towards the development of the tourism sector in the country. A “Guest card” has been presented in Minsk.

The card renders bonuses and advantages for Minsk guests and it costs from 45 to 78 rubles. The idea of the card is for the guest to save some of his travelling money. Besides rendering different bonuses, the “Guest card” includes information support on Minsk sights, cafes, restaurants, hotels, transport schedule and many more things. The card can be ordered at the Mingorspravka website.

It will give a possibility for tourists to visit as many as 11 museums for free, it will also give discounts up to 50% for visiting other places in Minsk such as the Zoo, Aquapark and other museums. What is more, the card will give a right to travel for free by bus, trolleybus and trams in the period the card is active. Tourists can also travel by metro for free for 10 times with this card.

If you are planning to visit Belarus and if you want to buy this card, you should know that it costs 45 Belarusian rubles for a day, and 78 rubles for three.