BBC adopts more correct name of Belarus


BBC adopts more correct name of Belarus

Photo: BBC Watch

On January 16, a note by BBC Russian editor Famil Ismayilov appeared on the organization's site, in which he said that now the BBC will call Belarus correctly. 

- From today we decided to change the way we call some countries of the former USSR in our articles. Belorussiya becomes Belarus, Kirgiziya becomes Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenia will be Turkmenistan and Moldavia will be replaced by Moldova. These names are customary in English, but Russian media often used the first options listed.

Ismayilov explained the decision. The argument "we've always written in such a way" is becoming weaker, and the new names of countries have become not only part of official documents and media materials, but also the preferences of users of search engines.

Also, the BBC cites UN documents, where the correct names of states are outlined.

- For us, journalists, it is important that our news reaches its target, so that it is easy to find and read. We believe that the political preferences of supporters and opponents of a given name should not affect the work of journalists, Ismayilov wrote.

In 2014, the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus asked the official UN account to use the name of the country in accordance with the rules adopted by the organization. The UN corrected and rewrote the message with the correct name of our country.